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This is our commitment to you

Looking back at my education, I can say with certainty that—while I had many good teachers through the years—there was one particular teacher that made a significant impact on my life.

Her name was Mrs. Coffman. She was my 9th grade civics and government teacher. She had high expectations and could motivate her students to do their best. She taught us about the world and made us think about what our role might be in it someday. She was interested in our lives outside of school, too, and she was there for us when we needed somebody to talk to.

I would imagine that all of us can reflect on our school years and, without too much trouble, name one teacher or other school adult that made a difference in our lives.

That’s what we do in Littleton Public Schools. We are committed to doing our very best for every student every day. Many times, it is the classroom teacher that we think of. But, often times it is the bus driver, the food services employee, the custodian, the school secretary, the principal, the counselor, the playground supervisor, and the coach that is the person who makes a significant difference in the lives of children, that brings out their very best, that encourages them to be more than they ever thought they could be. 

That is our commitment to our students, to you as parents and community members, and to each other as education professionals. As we begin the school year, we truly look forward to doing our very best to not only bring out the best in each student academically, but to be the people who truly make a difference in the lives of our community’s children. Thank you for giving us that opportunity.


Scott D. Murphy


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