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Internet Filtering
WiFi Services
WiFi in LPS

Since 2007, Littleton Public Schools has operated an open, freely available WiFi service. Students, staff, and visitors alike can bring personal wireless technologies to school and connect to our high-speed network. Our wireless services extend to cover every square foot of LPS facilities and the WiFi is supported by a super-fast fiber-optic network that was installed through cooperation with the City of Littleton, the City of Centennial and Comcast. The wireless services were funded by the Board of Education and the LPS Foundation.

Internet access is delivered over dual broadband links to Comcast and TW Telecom. These links provide exceptional speed and performance for uploading and downloading information. They also provide a natural fail-safe in case one of the links should suffer a service outage. This results in optimal up-time and reliability for instruction.

By federal law, LPS is required to provide Internet Content filtering for all network services. LPS has been in compliance with this requirement (the Children’s Internet Protection Act, or CIPA) even before the law was enacted by maintaining a content filtering system supplied by M86 Networks that blocks most inappropriate sites from being accessed. No filtering solution is perfect, but the low rate of disciplinary incidents related to inappropriate Internet use in our schools is a testament to the high-quality filtering services in place for the District. Teachers have override capability for most categories (except obvious obscene material) to enable teachers to make professional judgments in case an acceptable website is mistakenly blocked.

The PODNet (Personally Owned Devices Network) is a specially designed network that enables non-District owned technology to connect and access the Internet. Secure file servers and non-web based systems hosted by the District are not accessible via PODNet making the WiFi service low risk to sensitive District resources. Important data systems have high-level encryption and security systems built around them to protect from inappropriate access. PODNet provides simple, basic Internet connectivity but otherwise provides no special access to protected District network resources.

No special configuration is necessary to use PODNet. Just turn on your wireless device, open your WiFi network and choose “LPS-PODNet-1.” There is no password required and use of the network is at your own risk. After you connect, open any web browser and a welcome screen will appear with a list of terms and conditions that you must agree to in order to connect. That’s it! Your iPod, netbook, iPad, laptop, and any other WiFi enabled device should work well on PODNet.

Remember, classroom teachers are expected to set their classroom rules and may decide to permit or prohibit personal technologies in class. Please trust their judgment and respect classroom rules when bringing your personal technology to school. 

Welcome to WiFi in LPS! 

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