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Late Start Review Panel recommends that the late start model continue;
survey data indicates overall satisfaction with the current calendar model.

In its first year of implementation, the LPS Board of Education commissioned the formation of the 10-Day Late Start Review Panel to advise district administration regarding the effectiveness of the late start calendar model and its impact on families and employees. The committee, which included LPS employees, parents, and community members, met several times in the spring of 2008. The committee:

  • Studied the impacts of the late start schedule on students, parents, and school site (include considerations regarding child care availability and costs, student safety, student supervision, transportation issues, other identified variables);
  • Studied calendar models being used in other school districts;
  • Analyzed whether the amount of time in the approved model is sufficient (ten days, two hours each day).

The committee surveyed all parents, all high school students, all teachers, and all school office staff in the spring of 2008. The results were encouraging.

  • Parents overall said they were adapting to the late start days and that they are supportive of the work being done during late start days.
  • High school students overwhelmingly indicated that they like the extra time they have on late start mornings. 
  • Teachers overall like the frequency and length of PLC meeting times, although some indicated that they would prefer late start days be more evenly distributed throughout the school year.
  • School office staff overall indicated minimal challenges with the late start mornings.

In addition, surveys of principals, transportation, food services, school age child care, and attendance personnel indicated that student behavior seems to improve on late start days, and fewer students and staff are absent on late start days, as well. 

In May 2008, the Late Start Review Panel gave its report to the LPS Board of Education and recommended that the current calendar model for providing time for PLCs be continued beyond school year 2008-2009. The panel recognized that a few details still need to be addressed, such as the impact of late start days on half-day kindergarten and some secondary classes due to the compressed time. The panel also stressed the need for more communication to parents regarding the purpose, activities, and benefits of PLC time at the school, grade level, and individual child level, as well as the difference between teacher planning time and the PLC time. 

Panel members and LPS staff acknowledged that late start days can be challenging for families and thanked the LPS parent community for its support.

Final Report
The Late Start Review Panel presented a report to the Board of Education on May 8, 2008. Read the full report

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