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English as a Second Language


Littleton Public Schools (LPS) serves approximately 800 English Language Learners (ELL), Grades K–12. Fifty-eight percent (58%) of the ELL students come from Spanish speaking backgrounds. The instructional focus is intensive, structured English Language Acquisition (ELA) instruction. Certificated, state endorsed ELA teachers work with students in small groups, classroom inclusion, team teaching, and individual instruction with an emphasis on English listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills taught through content area subjects.

During the 2006–2007 school year, LPS identified students speaking more than 43 different languages. ELA services are provided at both neighborhood schools and center/magnet schools. Neighborhood school programs are at Goddard Middle School and Field Elementary School. Both schools have excellent, well-trained personnel and programs that meet the linguistic needs of their ELA students.

East Elementary School, Newton Middle School, and Littleton High School serve as center ELA schools for the remainder of the district. Students attending these magnet schools are transported to the center school at district expense by means of district schools buses. They are staffed with professional, well-trained ELA personnel and programs.

There are approximately 200 ELA students throughout the district whose parents have requested that they remain at their home schools and not be transported to East Elementary School, Newton Middle School, or Littleton High School. These students continue to have unique linguistic and academic needs. District and individual school resources are available to address these needs.

East Elementary School ELA Program:  The ELA program at East is a comprehensive English immersion program. Development of the four English language arts areas, listening, speaking, reading, and writing is emphasized. All students read in small, guided reading groups at their level. ELA program students receive additional small group instruction in English language skills and development with the ELA staff using both a pull-out and in-class model with an emphasis on content area learning. One unique aspect of the East program is the inclusion of a full-day kindergarten class for all kindergarten students. This allows time for intensive English language instruction and practice of pre-literacy skills. One hundred percent of East Elementary School's ELA 2005–2006 third grade students who had been enrolled at East since Kindergarten were proficient on 3rd grade CSAP English reading. The staff collaborates closely with Newton Middle School staff to articulate services for the needs of transitioning fifth grade students.

Field Elementary School ELA:  The ELA program at Field Elementary School is an inclusion-based model. Highly qualified teachers co-teach with classroom teachers to provide support for Tier 1 grade-level instruction, as well as small group intervention for Tiers 2 and 3. Field offers content language support within the four language domains (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). The full-day kindergarten program allows students to build pre-literacy skills necessary for success in school. The staff at Field collaborates closely with Goddard Middle School to articulate services for the needs of transition fifth grade students.

Goddard Middle School and Newton Middle School ELA Programs:  Students in middle school ELA programs are assigned to regular core classes and are scheduled into ELA classes based on their individual levels of English language proficiency. Nonspeakers may be placed for three of their daily class sessions in the ELA classroom for intensive English learning. Those students who are close to developing strong English proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking may only meet with the ELA staff for one class session a day to perfect their writing and content area skills. The ELA Program at the middle level is highly interactive with an empahsis on English language conventions in a technology-rich and content area based program. In-class support for content area classes such as math and science is also provided. The middle school program includes sensitivity to the needs of adolescents to participate in all-school and after-school activities.

Littleton High School ELA Senior High Program:  Students are scheduled into ELA classes from three periods daily to twice weekly depending on individual student's needs. Content area courses for ELA students such as World History are taught by an ELA-endorsed teacher who is also highly qualified to teach history. Courses are designed to meet students' linguistic and cultural needs. Activities emphasize the use of technology, development of independent study skills, and the acquisition of written language skills through the use of journals, research projects, and the study of English conventions. ELA students are expected to meet the same graduation requirements in all subjects as do all Littleton High School graduates. Summer school support is available to assist ELA students extend their study time to meet credit and graduation requirements. Using many visual and tangible aids, students work to increase their knowledge of and ability to use English at a high skill level in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Computers are used by all ELA students to access curriculum content area information throughout the school.

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